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Hello Friends,
Just want to thank all the Veteran’s for their service.

God Bless America,
God Bless you & your families,
Thank You,
Jim & Trudy Suggs


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Hello Friends,
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that all of you have had a great day, didn’t eat too much and had a great time with your family, friends and love ones.

First, I want to thank Father God for sending his son to die for us on the cross and to raise up again on the third day so we could have eternal life by believing that Jesus died for our sins and raised up again on the third day, and is alive today and all we have to do is to believe all this is true and live for Jesus.
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Thank you God for Jesus. Thank you for healing my wife and me of cancer. Thank you for my wife and kids and their health. Thank you for our church family. Thank you for a pastor that preaches the word of God as it is in the Bible.
Thank you for everything God.

My Wife and I went to our youngest daughters house and eat our Thanksgiving dinner today. Our whole family was there except my son and his wife, they are out of state and could not be with us to eat, they had their own family Thanksgiving dinner.

Our son-in-law (luke) cooked the turkey and our youngest daughter (Barbara) cooked most of the food. We had others that brought food to help out with the dinner. We had deep fried turkey and it was very good. We are very thankful for this dinner and give thanks to God and everyone involved in fixing the thanksgiving dinner.


We had a great time and thank Barbara, Luke and Cheyenne for having us over to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with them.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving,
Have a Blessed day,
Thank You,
Jim & Trudy Suggs


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Hi Friends,

Just want to wish all of you a Happy Veterans Day.
A special thanks to all the Veterans who served
in our armed forces so we could keep our freedom
here in the United States of America.
Take the time to thank our America veterans and those
who are serving our country to keep our freedom here
in the United States of America.

God Bless America,
God Bless you & your families,
Thank You,
Jim & Trudy Suggs


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Hi Friends,
Just wanted to wish you guys a happy safe Halloween.
We want to watch out for the kids  while they are trick
a treating. If you plan on parting to night please be safe
and responsible.

Have a Blessed Day,

James Suggs


Education and Information is Key to success.



Hi Friends,
Just wanted to talk a few minutes about Gout.
I don’t know if you have ever had gout or not,
But I have and I just want you to know that it
is a pain that will get your attention.

I just got over a gout attack about 3 weeks ago,
and I want to tell you it was not a good feeling.
I had it in my left foot around the big toe. I went
to the doctor several times and took all  the
medication that the doctor prescribed. Just to
let you know it took time for the gout attack to
clear up. I am not going to mention all the med.
that the doctor prescribed, because it still didn’t
make it go completely away.

I did find out that by taking black cherry juice, it
has helped me a great deal.

Have a Blessed Day,
James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

Please Remember Memorial Day

Hello all mothers,

Wanted to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.
I hope all mothers have had a great Mother’s Day.
We love you and know that if it was not for the
mother’s, we would not be hear today.

Thanks for all mothers,
God Bless all mothers,
James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

Hi friends,

Just wanted to say a few words about our Purpose hear on earth. As we know
education and information is key to success for anything we do.

From the Bible we learn a lot of thing. Getting back to this post title “Our Pupose
Here on Earth” and talking about the word from the Bible, I would like to bring
this verse from KJV Ecclesiastes 12:13 which says:
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments:
for this is the whole duty of man. Now I don’t have a problem reading this verse and
understanding what it means.

I just ask God to help we try to do what he wants me to do. Thank You Father God for
this message You have given to me here.

Have a Blessed Day,
James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

Hurricane Evacuation Kit

You need to be ready to go within hours. Include battery operated radio
and flashlight, plus the following:

1.     First Aid Kit.

2.     2- week supply of your medications.
3.     Blankets or sleeping bag.

4.     Extra clothing.

5.     Lightweight folding chairs.

6.     Personal items such as books.

7.     Important papers (valid ID), phone numbers.

For List of available shelters – listen to the radio and TV. These changes and
emergency personnel will notify the radio stations of their locality.


Be Safe and God Bless You,

James & Trudy Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

Hurricane Safety Tips

Terms to Know

Hurricane Watch:                 Hurricane conditions are a real possibility for
an area.

Hurricane Warning:            
A hurricane is EXPECTED within 24 hours.
Being precautionary action at once.


At Hurricane Warning:

1.         Listen for weather updates and stay informed.

2.         Fill gas tank in your vehicle.

3.         Keep portable radio and flashlight on hand – with fresh batteries.

4.         Have cash available in case banks/ATMs are not available.

5.         Clear your yard of all loose objects.

6.         Keep a First Aid Kit on hand.

7.         Store drinking water in clean containers.

8.         Have canned goods and a manual can opener available.

9.         Shutter, board or tape windows.

10.       Plan a flood- free evacuation route, and know where to go.


12.       Take your hurricane evacuation kit. Let friends and neighbors
know where you are going. If possible, leave a message on the
HT Team answering machine as to where you are.

13.       Do not enter evacuated areas until local officials have issued and
all clear.

Have a Blessed Day,

James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.