Hi Friends,
Just wanted to talk a few minutes about Gout.
I don’t know if you have ever had gout or not,
But I have and I just want you to know that it
is a pain that will get your attention.

I just got over a gout attack about 3 weeks ago,
and I want to tell you it was not a good feeling.
I had it in my left foot around the big toe. I went
to the doctor several times and took all  the
medication that the doctor prescribed. Just to
let you know it took time for the gout attack to
clear up. I am not going to mention all the med.
that the doctor prescribed, because it still didn’t
make it go completely away.

I did find out that by taking black cherry juice, it
has helped me a great deal.

Have a Blessed Day,
James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

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