Hurricane Safety Tips

Terms to Know

Hurricane Watch:                 Hurricane conditions are a real possibility for
an area.

Hurricane Warning:            
A hurricane is EXPECTED within 24 hours.
Being precautionary action at once.


At Hurricane Warning:

1.         Listen for weather updates and stay informed.

2.         Fill gas tank in your vehicle.

3.         Keep portable radio and flashlight on hand – with fresh batteries.

4.         Have cash available in case banks/ATMs are not available.

5.         Clear your yard of all loose objects.

6.         Keep a First Aid Kit on hand.

7.         Store drinking water in clean containers.

8.         Have canned goods and a manual can opener available.

9.         Shutter, board or tape windows.

10.       Plan a flood- free evacuation route, and know where to go.


12.       Take your hurricane evacuation kit. Let friends and neighbors
know where you are going. If possible, leave a message on the
HT Team answering machine as to where you are.

13.       Do not enter evacuated areas until local officials have issued and
all clear.

Have a Blessed Day,

James Suggs

Education and Information is Key to success.

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